March 30, 2008


well i guess we are all on our way to getting better, thank goodness. sophie is still sleeping a lot and still won't drink any pedialyte, but she will drink water (especially with a splash of gatorade in it... :). she still has diarhhea but not too bad anymore.
this morning dwayne went to rent a carpet cleaner (because now in addition to melted ice cream and mashed up bananas there is also baby throw up and diarrhea in our carpet) and instead he BOUGHT a steam carpet cleaner. so we cleaned all the carpet in the house... it was so gross! every time we changed the water it was almost black with all the dirt. sheesh, we've only lived here for 3 months, that can't all be from us can it? but now it's all clean.
and i've been doing homework like crazy trying to catch up from my "spring break" that i didnt' really have in the first place...


Granny's Closet said...

Glad everyone is doing better. Keeping pumping the liquids in Sophie! Oh, I hear you on the carpets. We cleaned ours again about a week ago and I tell you what. Gross! Amazing what the carpets collect in them. Now you know why everyone goes to the hardwood floors. Study hard! Was snowing here again today. It looked like when the cottonwoods bloom all over.

Wendy said...

Isn't it amazing what lives in our carpets? Just think of all the sand under our carpet at Sheep Creek! Glad you got yours cleaned, makes the whole place seem better, doesn't it?
Hope your all so much better tomorrow -