March 03, 2008

crazy things

sophie has a new tooth!! now she has three, two on the bottom and the new one on the upper right. i guess that explains why she's been cranky the past few days.
it's nice out today again - yesterday it snowed, but the day before that it was 80 degrees out. colorado has crazy weather.
we're feeling loved today, well there was the package from our baby friends on saturday, and today i got an envelope in the mail from the midwife i'm meeting tomorrow that had a new issue of mothering magazine which i LOVE, and i got two letters from my friend sydney who might be coming to visit us easter weekend or the weekend after, and then out of the blue i got a phone call from my pediatrician in juneau (well, old pediatrician) asking how sophie was doing. before we left juneau she was failure to thrive but she's doing well and gaining weight now on formula.
i'm totally behind on my homework, i have a big paper to write for my history of midwifery class that i just can't seem to get started.
but we went to the zoo this morning and that was fun - it was cold up there though! it's up on the side of the mountain. we fed giraffes and petted them, and we saw twin baby giraffes nursing from their mama. it looked uncomfortable. we heard a lion roaring a whole bunch, and one of the lionesses growled at us because the guys (dwayne and esparza) were waving their arms at her. they had cubs too.
i went on an ebay bidding spree last night while dwayne played guitar hero (better than half life i guess), and i won 6 maternity shirts for like $10, got some slow-flow nipples for the bottles i have, some more cloth baby wipes, and three newborn size diaper covers. still waiting on some more cool things.
here is a picture of sophie's cute little butt:

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