March 02, 2008

baby friends

we got a package in the mail the other day from our baby-parent group friends at home! it was the most awesome thing ever. lorna, my midwife, sent some of her homemade beeswax diaper rash balm, and rosie made sophie a bib and everyone signed it, and keegan painted a picture frame with a picture of sophie at our last play date before we left... and there was a ball! dashel, the oldest baby in our group, was the first one to get these awesome balls, and he was the envy of all the other babies. then keegan found them for her baby sierra, and they come in four packs so dashel gave some of his balls (they were blue) to the other boys, and now sierra gave sophie one of her pink ones. she was ecstatic to see it! they also sent some alaskan soap company soap and some fudge company chocolate covered espresso beans... it totally made our day! more like week - we're missing all our friends back home now!

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Wendy said...

Thats so cool they sent you a package! Just tried to call you...
Thanks for uploading new pictures and video clips! We sure miss yuo guys... Sophie is getting so big!
Love You --