March 08, 2008


so to get 120g of protein in a day it went something like this...
breakfast - 3 scrambled eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast
then a protein drink with soy milk - tastes nasty
then a turkey sandwich on whole wheat and some almonds
and another protein drink... i put double the powder in this one
dinner - whole wheat lasagna
and then i had to eat a few handfuls of soy nuts for the last like 10g of protein.

i haven't been keeping as close track as that anymore though, i just follow that basic routine and try to drink at least one protein drink a day. otherwse it's just too much work counting up every little gram of protein all day...

we are going to have a picnic lunch somewhere today, dwayne already made lunch and it's in the fridge ready to go - he took a loaf of french bread and made a big subway-style sandwich.

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