March 10, 2008

10,000 b.c.

we went to a movie last night with some of dwaynes friends - 10,000 BC. it was pretty good... it started at 6:30 so it wasn't too late for ms. sophie even though she was a little bit fussy. the previews for it made it look different, with more prehistoric cool creatures and stuff. but it was still good.

i think the time change has really thrown sophie for a loop. it's only an hour so you wouldn't think it would, but she refused to take any naps yesterday and i just put her down for a nap but i can hear her in there talking. she has been sleeping through the night again though, thank goodness! i'm so tired lately that i couldn't handle it if she kept waking up.

yesterday we went on an adventure at seven falls - it was pretty cool, but most of the trails were closed for the winter still. we went up some stairs to the waterfall and it was hard work! my legs are sore today! i made dwayne carry sophie :)... here are some pictures:

well i just went and got sophie out of her crib, she wouldn't take a nap. but she just now started waving at dwayne!! it's so cute!

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Granny's Closet said...

We are thinking about going to 10,000 BC-Galen really wants to see it. I love the waterfall, looks pretty neat and stairs, and carrying a baby, wait, 2 babies. I am sure your legs hurt. Hate the time night it isn't so bad, but getting up Monday morning was.