March 04, 2008

baby stuff

already?? dwayne thinks i'm crazy. but check out this awesome thing someone made that i just won on ebay:
Photobucket it's a wool soaker sleepsack.... that means it's a diaper cover (it's lanolized) and a sleepsack in one. pretty much the coolest thing ever.
we met with the midwife today, her name is dana and she seems really cool. i have my first official prenatal visit on march 31.
now sophie and i are going to brave the wind and walk to the store to get protein shake powder (pregnant women are supposed to get 120g of protein a DAY!), liquid iron, liquid chlorophyll, and envelopes. haha kind of a strange grocery list i guess.
or maybe we'll wait until dwayne gets home and then we'll drive... the wind is really whipping out there and sophie's poor little cheeks get windburned so bad.
here is a picture of the twin giraffes nursing from yesterday:

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