February 28, 2008

a very bad day

so we were driving along - dwayne, esparza, sophie and i - academy and we saw dwayne and esparza's friend clark driving just ahead of us. so, they honk at him, and he speeds up. dwayne chases him. not a good idea... all of a sudden he switched lanes and right in front of us there was a car going about 30mph (we were going maybe 55). so dwayne swerved, but a truck in the other lane sped up so we couldn't go that way. so he swerved again, lost control by this point, and we hit the curb and the car rolled sideways, and then somehow we flipped completely around and landed facing the opposite direction that we were going. no one was hurt, we all walked away from it with just some bruises and sore muscles. it was crazy scary though. we took sophie to the er on post just to make sure she was fine (she was acting fine but the paramedics said to take her in just in case), and had to wait almost 5 hours to get seen. it was ridiculous. everybody else in there was just in for a cough or cold. never go to the evans army hospital emergency room. but sophie checked out fine, and we went home - to find that our house had been broken into. when it rains it pours, right? there's more. nothing was taken but it was creepy because they came in through our attic crawl space in our bedroom. so, we go to bed finally, and the next morning i was supposed to get my period, and i hadn't, so i took a pregnancy test - I'M PREGNANT! - oh my gosh. and a cop came that morning to investigate the break-in (he didn't find anything). and then our dryer broke. and then i cut my finger down to the bone chopping onions for breakfast.

so. dwayne's precious vehicross is dead (totalled), we got a used car the other day so we do have wheels which is good. and i'm pregnant! i'm meeting with a homebirth midwife next week.


Wendy said...

Oh Honey, isn't life crazy?!
Congrats on my next grandchild!!!
Love you!

Granny's Closet said...

Oh Dear! I understand about being broken into and the horrible feeling that brings. It is a horrible feeling. Maybe your mom needs to send down the camo bear that was left behind...it could be a good luck charm. Crats on the new one coming...stay strong.