February 23, 2008

sunny colorado

it still hasn't rained since we've been here, over a month now. it's really weirding me out. it feels like a juneau summer, but i have to keep reminding myself that it's february. crazy. it is nice though, sophie and i (and dwayne when i can drag him along) have been going for walks almost every day. there is a grocery store a couple blocks down the street and there's a park right down the street also. sophie likes going on walks, she's big enough to ride in her ergo on my back instead of on my front so she can actually see what's going on now. here's a picture of her after we got back from a walk - she doesn't look too happy about the situation haha:
i love my ergo baby carrier! thanks go out to grandma marianne for that one.

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Granny's Closet said...

You are going to find out that it doesn't rain much at all there. You maybe able to count the rain days for a year on one hand. That is what I really miss, all the sunshine days and being able to go out for walks all the time and not getting wet.