February 07, 2008

take three

i'm pretty sure this is the third blog i've started in the past 12 months. hopefully i can manage to actually keep this one.
my name is kathryn. my daughter's name is sophie, my husband's name is dwayne, and we have a fish who as yet has no name. this is my mom. she lives in juneau, alaska, where i have lived almost all my life until now. dwayne is in the army and is stationed at fort carson, colorado - so i'm here in colorado springs.
colorado is pretty much the complete opposite of juneau. it does not rain. it is sunny every single day. there are roads everywhere. there are mountains in only one direction.
i suppose i'll get used to it eventually, probably by the time i'm about to leave to go back to juneau. oh well.
i'm going to school at midwives college of utah taking distance classes to become a midwife. in a year i'm going back to juneau to start apprenticing under the midwife i had for my daughter, and at the same time dwayne is getting deployed to afghanistan for 15 months. i'm not looking forward to that part of it.
last night dwayne's mom called and almost the first thing she asked him was, "so are you pregnant yet?" um, no. one high-needs baby is enough for me, thank you very much. i'll wait until she's at least a high-needs toddler.
although i have to say, now that she's taking in enough calories, she's mellowed out quite a bit. in fact she's taking her second nap of the day right now. the story is, she was exclusively breastfed until one week before she turned eight months - when she was labeled failure to thrive (she didn't gain any weight in 5 months), i tried everything there is to increase milk supply, nothing worked, and we started formula. it's sad, but she's already gained almost 3 pounds in 3 weeks and is back on the weight charts. which is good. for both of us.

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Wendy said...

This is too cool! I like your blog!
Fun that you joined the Easter Basket swap - what are you going to make for it? Or have me make for it? Ha! What do you mean no sun? It was sunny here today, and -20 degrees ---