March 10, 2011

smoke ring

I wanted to knit something that was fast, easy, and pretty.... and for some reason I was in an old lady-ish mood and wanted something a little bit fuzzy and plain. I have strange tastes sometimes! Anyways, I found the yarn I wanted to use and then looked it up on Ravelry. I love looking through other people's projects with a specific yarn, it always gives me inspiration. What I found this time was the Old Shale Smoke Ring - and here it is!

Sorry for the bad iPhone pictures, I was too lazy to get off the couch, get my camera, find good lighting... You know.

Little miss took a 3-hour nap yesterday so I already finished this! And washed it and uh, stretched it out on a towel. I wouldn't go so far as to call it blocking. Again, lazy. Just need to weave in the ends!

I don't even know who this is for, I just wanted to knit it. I think it will go in my gift stash, I'm already stockpiling for next Christmas! I figured it's really more realistic to start now if I expect to have anything finished in time.

I can't believe that by next Christmas I'll be done with nursing school! Hurray! I better get back to paper writing if I want to finish though... :)

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