March 13, 2011

off the needles/on the needles

A pair of socks are off the needles and completely done! Another one in the Christmas pile.

I love knitting socks. I've only knitted plain ribbed socks, though. I want to try a pretty pattern like these or maybe these.... someday. I do appreciate a good solid plain sock though. Mostly I keep knitting the same socks over and over because I have the pattern memorized, so they make good tv-watching or Sophie-watching knitting. The endless stockinette is broken up enough by the heel and the toe to make them interesting, and they're pretty fast to knit as well. Always a plus. I always have a harder time with completing the second sock, but for this pair I split them up and knitted the cowl in between. I think the two socks fit better with having done something different in between - usually I knit the second sock just a little bit tighter than the first, and that didn't seem to happen this time.

Hand knit socks are so much more comfortable than regular socks! It feels like getting a massage every time you take a step. Try it, you'll love it! :)

On my needles now is the second sleeve to my o w l s sweater, which I can't believe I have never posted about before.

That's the body which I did last summer, and at some point I knitted one sleeve. Now I'm about half way up the second sleeve and then I have the yoke to do. This goes super quickly, with chunky yarn and size 10 needles! I'm excited to finish this and wear it. I think this will be my camping sweater - it's 100% wool, and it will be pretty warm. The yarn isn't the best quality though and I know it will pill pretty quickly. That's ok with me - I love camping clothes! I plan on wearing them a lot this spring, summer, and fall. Can't wait for the snow to melt!

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