October 01, 2008

so who is this sophstar's mama anyways?

Or rather, what kind of Mama am I?

I am a cloth-diapering Mama. I am a co-sleeping Mama. I am an attachment-parenting Mama. I am a selectively-vaccinating Mama.

I was an exclusively breastfeeding Mama. I am a natural-childbirth Mama (my baby wasn't "delivered"... I birthed my baby into this world, into the water, into the hands of my midwife).

I am an energy-conserving Mama. I am a green cleaning Mama. I am a recycling Mama. I am an organics Mama. I am a teen Mama. I was a single Mama... now I am a married Mama. I am an Alaskan Mama (for Obama!).

So. I am all of these things, and I'm going to try to start getting more into these issues that I am passionate about here on my blog - so stay tuned!

Sophstar's Mama

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