October 17, 2008

what's that blue stuff in the sky?

Yes, that's right folks, that is blue sky in Juneau!!

Sadly, it only lasted half a day and since then it's been pouring down rain, windy, cold, and generally normal.

Halloween is just around the corner! We've put our decorations up and are working on our costumes... we ditched the cat idea for Sophie and now Sophie, Dwayne and I are going to be a vampire family.

I do love Halloween, but now I'm finding out that not everything about Halloween is good - such as the handfuls of candy corn that Sophie was eating at her grandparents house the other night... The girl has a huge sweet tooth!

This is Sophie's second Halloween, last year she was a gypsy - the cutest little gypsy ever, see?

What are your favorite costumes for little ones?

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Lumpkin said...

awww, cute gypsyi have a goat costume that I made when my oldest was a baby. it's so sweet with little hooves and a beard. the newest baby is still too small for it, hopefully she won't have outgrown it by next year.