September 30, 2008

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

We got a pleasant surprise today - a warm, sunny day to wrap up September with. The cottonwoods are yellow and dropping all their leaves already, it hasn't rained (yet) all day, and the breeze is cold but not the air.

Sophie played with leaves in her stroller on our walk on the Airport Dike Trail this morning. We both had to take our coats off because it was so warm out, I think they said on the radio highs to 55 degrees today. Sophie got tired of sitting and playing with leaves by the time we got to the end of the trail, so we had a little play-break on the beach.

She likes to throw rocks as far as she can, run as fast as she can, and when she gets tired she likes to find the wettest place she can to sit down in. Like a bunch of seaweed. Or beach weeds.

We better enjoy the beach (and the trees, and the clean air) all we can now because we're moving back to Colorado Springs in December, right before Christmas, and right after my semester at UAS ends.

Some other changes: Sophie's down to one nap a day now (which she is currently protesting) and she is going to bed earlier (usually she's asleep by 7:45pm). This gives me less time to do homework during the day but more time at night, which I guess is a good enough trade. Also I am back on methotrexate after an almost four-week break due to getting caught up with a new doctor here in Juneau, and am now back to feeling like all of my bones have gained an extra pound or two.

But it's a beautiful day, I've got nothing to complain about, and Sophie wants to go out and play!

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