September 02, 2008

first day of classes

actually the first day of classes was august 28, but my first class was today, which is really all that matters, right?

human anatomy & physiology 1 lecture... from 6:00-9:00pm. i am pretty sure that is past my bedtime.

the bad news:

for one, again, it's definitely past my bedtime (yay for red bull!); two, the professor was all spaced out. seriously? "oh and this molecule actually looks like this, [draws chemical map of molecule, taking his time to get it just right and even going back to re-draw part of it] but i'm just going to write out the name, but actually this doesnt matter at all and you don't have to know any of this right now."

but the good news:

my friends from way back when, evan, and his older brother trevor, are in the lecture too so i have someone to snicker at the professor with (not that that's immature or anything).
and evan always has red bull.


Gina said...

I love the new layout of your blog and the pics of your very busy daughter.
Congrats on going back to school. Are you super busy now that you're interning with your midwife?
How often will you get to see your hubby?

sophstar's mama said...

Nope... well, I'm still super busy, but I'm taking a break from midwifery and just doing classes at UAS for now.

Gina said...

Well good - I hope. I hope it was your decision to take a break and that you weren't forced into. If it's something you are really interested in doing, it will work out.
Take care and give your busy daughter a hug from the great-auntie she hasn't met yet.
FYI, Jake is leaving next Tuesday to start school at a JC in Washington. He's finally ready to get an education.