September 19, 2008

fall is here

... but we're still trying to get some more summer out of these last few days (fall officially starts on Monday!).

Sophie and I are pretty busy these days. I have classes four days a week; the "new parents group" that we started going to when Sophie was two months old has grown up and split into two - us, the "old parents group" because we're not new parents anymore! - and the real new parents group for little babies and their mamas. I'm co-heading the "old parents group" and having so much fun.

I have to wonder if our babies will still be friends when they start school. High school. College. They have already been "friends" for what seems like a very long time; a year even! One of our parent group babies, Lydia, is having her birthday party this Sunday at Sandy Beach (still hoping for some more summer!). It really is hard to believe.

Sophie is at Grandma and Grandpa Manning's house on Thursdays, while I am at my Anatomy & Physiology lab, and the whole family turns out to sit around and watch her sleep.

She is so lucky already to have all of these friends and family.

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Gina said...

You and Sophie are both so lucky to be surrounded by family and friends! I graduated with some of the same people that I started kindergarten with and a couple of them I am still friends with. It's a dying breed though; with people relocating as often as they do.
John and I wish you, Sophie & Dwayne the best. I am sure that the future holds great things for all 3 of you and I am being completely honest when I say that I still cannot wait to come and visit - AND finally meet Sophie.