July 23, 2009

half way

Here is my Hemlock Ring Blanket with one skein + a few rounds of the second in it!

I love this blanket! This is a pattern that I will definitely make again someday. It's going to be big, too - I'm already just a few rounds away from the "normal sized throw" line, and I have a lot more yarn to knit into it. Good thing there is an extended version of the pattern!

The same designer - Jared Flood - just came out with a new pattern for a baby blanket. Somebody needs to get pregnant just so I can knit that blanket! Come on, people... :)


Wendy said...

Hi, its just me, your Mom -
This is turning out GORGEOUS!!!
Just amazing how fast you've become such a good knitter - especially considering you are self taught!

Angie Healey said...

Seriously. This is AMAZING. Why don't you sell your stuff?? Nobody that I know who sells knitted blankets and things has anything close to this. Wow.