May 04, 2009

ta-da! the diaper wrap

Finally, a finished object. It's the WHW Plain Diaper Wrap (Ravelry link), and I love it. I will definitely make this pattern again. And next time I will definitely do buttons instead of velcro (you don't know how many times I stabbed myself trying to sew that velcro on...).

After I finished sewing on the main front piece of velcro, I pinned on the pieces for the sides and thought about a laundry tab, and realized something was not right. Checked the pattern and yep - I put the wrong side of velcro on the front.

The "soft" side (what are the different sides of velcro really called?) is supposed to be on the front so that when you put the laundry tab on it will be the soft side, since it will most likely be up against baby's skin.

So sorry Mikaela, but you're going to be hand-washing this one. There's no way I'm re-doing all that velcro.

Coming soon in the knitting lineup.... Picky Pants for the Birth Center' s fundraiser, another pair of Fetching for my mom, another pair of Picky Pants for Sophie (it's almost her birthday!), and a sweater for my dad.

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