May 25, 2009

baby longies

I love how these little pants turned out! I'm making a pair of big-girl longies for Sophie now... with NO backside increases! She's completely out of diapers now (knock on wood), and I've even loaned my entire cloth diaper stash to her little cousin. It makes me a little bit sad to not be using those diapers anymore.

We've had a lucky string of hot (for Juneau), sunny days - Sophie's birthday party was a huge success, it was sunny and she and all her friends played outside in the yard for hours. She blew out the candle on her "cake" all by herself. Instead of a cake I made a fruit pizza with a sugar cookie crust, plain yogurt sauce, lots of cut up fruit, and honey drizzled over the top, and I forgot to take a picture of it! Can you believe it?

Pictures of the party coming soon...

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