April 10, 2009

pink pancakes

Check out the color of this pancake batter:

What's the secret? Pureed beets. The recipe is from Deceptively Delicious, and I'm very happy to report that Sophie loved them (me? love the color, hate the taste). Maybe she won't be as picky as her Mama is if I get her started eating beets now.... :)

I love this cookbook (thanks Keegan!)... every recipe I've tried turns out well and is sufficiently stealthy. I added cauliflower puree to the tuna salad I made earlier this week, and even my dad who swears up and down that cauliflower tastes like old socks didn't notice a thing. I don't like cauliflower either, but if I can manage to get the nutrition without the taste I'm all for it!


Granny's Closet said...

I am not to sure about these, the color does look great, but I am not much for beets---

Dashel, Lyra, Dawn and Matthew said...

Sometimes I wonder if Dash is Russian... he LOVES beets! I'll have to try this recipe out :)