April 26, 2009


It's finally Spring! I knew it would happen. We've had quite a few days of sunshine in the past week, and it's actually been warm out as well. Today we were all out puttering, I raked (some early preparation for Sophie's birthday party!) and Sophie took a nap in the yard (with a blanket,
of course. It's not that warm out!).

I took these pictures last Friday when Sophie's friend Bailey was here - most of that snow is melted now!

It's been awfully hard to get any studying done... thankfully I only have a few days left.

I got on Ravelry the other night and showed Sophie some pictures of finished pants from the pattern I want to make her for her birthday, and she was very excited about them. I ordered a bunch of yarn to make my dad a sweater for his birthday, in August - ambitious, I know. It's the new City Tweed from Knit Picks and I'm pretty excited about it. I love Knit Picks! I allowed myself to knit (just a little!) on the socks I'm making for Donna last night... it just made me want to knit more. Two more days!

Obsessed? Perhaps. At least it's productive.

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