February 02, 2009

she's the boss

(Look! She's wearing her sweater!)

So the other night I was laying in bed with Sophie. Her teeth were brushed, pajamas on, all the night-time books were already read, and the light was off. But she didn't want to go to sleep. I didn't want to make her cry, so I decided to just lay down with her until she fell asleep - it can't take that long, right? After a while I started to sneak away, but she wasn't asleep. She grabbed me around the neck and hugged me as tight as she can, so I layed back down with her. This time she made sure she was facing me so that I couldn't sneak away again.

Me: "Can I have a kiss?"
Sophie: "No."
Me (whispering): "Please?"
Sophie (whispering also): "No."

I guess "no" really means "no," eh? The girl's learned something from me!

And I haven't had a single kiss in more than 24 hours.

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Granny's Closet said...

I ordered the yarn from knitpicks so it should be here in a day or so...i will bring it on over when it comes in...oh yes, sophie looks cute in her new sweater, she doesn't look happy, but she looks cute