February 26, 2009

diapers from another point of view

I think I've made myself pretty clear on how I feel about diapers. But I never really thought about how Sophie felt about them before... or maybe she never did before. She sure does now!

A couple weeks ago now Sophie had a diaper rash that got infected with Staph. Luckily I saw it coming (her friend also had a pretty bad infection a while earlier) and caught it before it could do too much damage, but as part of my damage-control efforts I switched her into disposable diapers for a week and bleached all of my cloth diapers.

Now she's rash free and back in her cloth diapers, but every single time I change her she asks for a disposable diaper. And throws an enormous fit when I insist on her wearing a cloth one. Sometimes she even pretends to need a diaper change just so she can beg for a disposable diaper. She hates diaper changes!

What is up with this? Is it just the novelty of having the new disposable diapers? I don't think she can remember having them before, the last time she was in disposables was almost a year ago. Maybe it's just her being contrary and wanting what I tell her she can't have? (She does do that a lot nowadays...). Maybe she likes the feeling of being dry all the time. Those disposables do a good job of keeping yeast away, that's for sure. There's no way I would ever switch to using disposable diapers, no matter what Sophie says, but this is giving me food for thought. Has anyone else had cloth-diapered toddlers who liked disposables better?


rlmlibrary2 said...

Hi Katherine.

I used cloth diapers with my oldest(now 17) and he was potty trained much earlier than his brother who had disposables. I think the reason was because cloth diapers feel wet and disposables don't. Sophie may just like the dry factor.
Raandi - from the library

Marie said...

Hi Kathryn! I notice that Lydia will come to me and be more willing to have a disposable diaper put on her at times. But we also had staph and I had her in sposies for about a week and then when I got the cloth out she came over and was excited for that. I think it is mostly novelty and wanting what she doesn't get as often.