February 07, 2009

coffee mug wrap

I made this little coffee mug wrap the other night for Sophie's grandma:

The pattern is this one from DaniDo Crafty, the squared check version.

The yarn is Frog Tree Sport Weight Alpaca.

I pretty much followed the pattern, except that I only put one button on instead of three (it's supposed to be adjustable, but it was so delicate and the buttonhole was so big that it would have been too much with three huge buttons).

If I make this again I will make the buttonhole smaller - the pattern says to cast off three for the buttonhole, but it's way too big. I would either just cast off two stitches, or do some other kind of buttonhole altogether.

All in all though, a good pattern. It only took me a couple hours to knit, blocked it overnight and sewed the button on in the morning.

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