January 07, 2009

what a copy cat

My mom's co-worker asked me to knit her 5-year-old son a new hat. She brought over his old, worn out one for me to replicate to the best of my ability...

Here they are (old on the left, new on the right):

He was adamant that the hat be black - not dark blue, not dark brown - black. Of course the one yarn that is not to be found is black cotton... luckily, the owner of Skeins Fine Yarns found me two little balls of black cotton hiding in a corner of her sale room.

Nancy, the woman who owns Skeins, has a dog named Sophie. As of course you already know, my daughter is also named Sophie. Turns out that this is a very confusing situation for a toddler! When Nancy's husband came to take Sophie (the dog) home, he called up to her from the first floor lobby. Sophie, come! Sophie! Come here, Sophie! Sophie! Come!
My Sophie girl ran to the rail and stood there completely perplexed, frowning at this man yelling at her from below. She was a little unsure of how to react, but she got over it quickly, grabbed Nancy's hand and started pulling her back and forth along the hallway. She is so NOT shy! I would never have done that when I was a baby.

I'm happy so say that my mom's co-worker's son loved the hat - in his words, "it looks just like me!" and that he wouldn't take it off, not even to eat dinner.

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