January 29, 2009

my favorite place

I guess it's fairly obvious from my lack of posting that school has started up again. This semester is a little crazy, I'm taking all of my classes on campus (up until now I've had some of them online) so Sophie and I are both gone a lot. She gets to go play with Grandma, Grandpa, her sister Analia, and her friend Bailey during the week though so I think she's getting the better deal!

One thing that I've started to really enjoy though is the time I have between classes two days a week. It's not long enough to go do anything really, but it is long enough to get settled in at the library with knitting and reading. I've been holing up at the Egan Library upstairs, and it's very nice to have some quiet downtime without feeling like I'm rushing to get somewhere or do something.

Where is your favorite place to be by yourself?

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