March 14, 2009

when the simplest answer is the best answer

Who knew things could be so simple? When Sophie had her Staph infection, I put her in disposables for a week and bleached all her diapers. The point was, obviously, to kill the Staph, but I was also pretty excited about the prospect of not having to deal with yeast infections for a while.


Two days later she had a yeast infection. I've been beginning to think I'm breeding a resistant Candida strain over here or something. I've tried everything... you name it, I've done it, at least twice (this has been going on for over a year now, sometimes worse than others). But I think I'm finally ahead of the game! She hasn't had any yeasties in over a week now. And what did it?

Boiling water.

I feel thoroughly put in my place. Bleach, psh. All it took was a couple big pots of boiling water dumped into the washer with a hot wash... and some lavender essential oil for good measure (I couldn't find my tea tree oil, but lavender is antiseptic to a degree also).

Yay for clean diapers!

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