December 11, 2008

why knitting during finals week isn't a good idea

Aside from the common sense reason that knitting takes away valuable time that should be spent studying for said finals?

This happens.

Yeah. See those two mittens? They are supposed to be a pair. As in they are supposed to be the same size.

They were both knitted in the same amount of time, with the same yarn, same pattern, same needles, same exact number of rows and stitches.

What the heck happened?? Well, I knitted one on Monday (the day before my Anatomy & Physiology final) and I knitted the other one on Wednesday (the day after my A&P final). Check out my gauge:

.... Yeah. I think I was maybe a little stressed when I did the first one? And a little relieved when I did the second one?


I think I may have learned my lesson now... just in time for finals to be over! I'm so happy I'm done!!

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