December 05, 2008

a teeny tiny hat and some stash enhancement

First the teeny tiny hat:

I had to include Sophie's favorite sippy cup in the picture so you could appreciate how small it really is :)
This is for a girl in my Human Physiology and Anatomy class who just had her baby. I saw her at the birth center yesterday with her new little one and couldn't resist knitting up a little baby hat for her. Her name is Ysabella and she is just sweet. Her mama is planning on bringing her to our final on Tuesday and wearing her in a moby wrap for the test - sometimes I wish Sophie were that small again! It would make my next semester easier (I need to find some child care!) I do love little babies though.

The hat is knitted out of Frog Tree alpaca, the same stuff I used here and here - the pattern I just winged, I hope it fits her! It looks awfully small, but then again so did little Ysabella.

Tonight was Gallery Walk, so Sophie, Grandma and I headed downtown to check it out. Sophie wasn't really in a shopping mood so we didn't stay very long, but we did manage to get to the yarn shop and the toy store! Sophie picked out this toy - she wanted to play with it right then and there, so of course Grandma obliged her and opened the box so she could play with it. And then she bought it for her, but by the time we got home she had forgotten about it and so now it will be a Christmas present... added to the mountain of Christmas presents in Grandma and Grandpa's closet, all for Sophie! Oh man.

More beautiful Frog Tree alpaca yarn. I just can't get enough of it! This yarn is destined to be a sweater for my own little one, who is not so little anymore. I still need to find a pattern to follow, I keep finding cute ones that only go to 12 months or 18 months. I'm going to make it in size 24 months or 2T because it just might take me that long to make it! (She's in 18 months right now).

This sweater for Sophie will be my first sweater, but I already picked out the pattern for my second - the Central Park Hoodie. I want to make it for myself, crazy right? But I like it sooo much :).

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