April 05, 2008


sophie and i are coming to juneau on may 6 and staying until june 2! i can't wait! our flight there is going to suck - we go from colorado springs to salt lake city to san diego to seattle to juneau. but at least it is all in one day... the flight back is no problem, it's just juneau-seattle seattle-denver. dwayne will have to come pick us up in denver but driving there is cheaper than flying to colorado springs instead.
i want pel'meni so bad! i was about to give in and make some, but now i think i can wait for the real thing.
we are having a couple of dwaynes friends over for dinner tonight and barbecueing, hopefully it will be fun...

the cutest thing ever - sophie dances! i need to take a video of her doing it. she doesn't have much rhythm yet, poor girl, but i guess that'll come in time :) for now she just moves her head side to side and sometimes it makes her fall over.
i'm thinking about looking up some signs and starting to teach her sign language. my friend mikaela started doing it with her baby elijah (he's about 6 months older than sophie) and she said it's really fun to be able to communicate with him... so now i'm inspired.


Wendy said...

Can't wait till you get here! We'll put on some music and dance!

Granny's Closet said...

Do the dance Sophie--I bet it is just a kick to watch and hey, coming back to Juneau for a visit. I hope we have nice weather for you, course you probably want rain LOL