June 20, 2010

still knitting

Hey there! I seem to have gotten lost in the craziness of finishing up my first semester of nursing school and trying to figure out joint issues (including my hands... not so conducive to knitting), and haven't posted in a while. Ok, not in a really long time. But I'm back and I'll do my best not to get lost again!

Here's what I've knitted since I last posted:

French Press Slippers, a Christmas present for a dear friend:

These were my first felted project and they turned out a little wonky, but I still think they are pretty cute!

Some socks for me - I actually did finish these, and I wear them all the time, but I never got around to taking a picture of the finished product. Oh well. They look like socks.

Turn a Square with Spud & Chloe and Noro. I absolutely love this! Gotta have the Noro though. This is the best looking guy hat I've seen.

This is a cowl I made out of some yarn I got in my Christmas stocking, Ella Rae Lace Merino. Beautiful yarn and I'm rather fond of the finished product too. Maybe I'll write up the pattern?

Some socks for Sophie, too. The last socks I made her (out of $16 yarn-store yarn) she hated. These (out of $2 Fred Meyer yarn) she loves.

A family friend had a new baby, so of course I had to knit something. This is a super cute pattern for a baby boy! It's supposed to look like a collapsible hat or something. I don't know. I used some leftover yarn from my first sweater. Here is the pattern!

Also, I'm almost done with my Mystique. It's technically finished, but I can't decide whether or not to add some garter stitch to the bottom hem, so I still haven't woven in the ends or anything. Hmm.

And then there is this! This was supposed to be Sophie's birthday dress this summer (she's 3 now!!) but... hmm. Again with the finishing problems.

Isn't it adorable? It's the Flora Dress, and I highly recommend it.

Phew! That's enough catching up. I'm happy to say that I have recovered my knitting mojo and started a new project this weekend, something for me this time, and I'll take pictures this week and get it posted. This is something I've been wanting to knit for a really long time and I've finally decided to do it. I hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did, and happy father's day too!

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