June 08, 2009

summer knitting... and then some

I may be getting ahead of myself with project planning. Right now I have yarn in my stash to make three (3) sweaters for myself... (Ravelry links) Owls, Mystique, and Corona. Wool of the Andes for Owls, City Tweed DK for Mystique, and City Tweed HW for Corona - I love love love the new City Tweed from Knit Picks (It's where I get practically all of my yarn). Plus yarn in the stash for Sophie's next sweater (also out of City Tweed DK), and this beautiful yarn I picked up today at Skein's:

For the Lace Ribbon Scarf, for my mom.

I have one sock finished and need to start the next, and I'm almost halfway done with the Sleepy Time baby sleepsack - I'm knitting it out of Frog Tree alpaca (yarn candy), and I wish it were my size. So soft.

One finished project to show:

A simple raglan pullover, sized 9 months for a friend's baby-on-the-way. This one is out of Shine, which I absolutely love. It's made out of beech trees! I think another one of these (perhaps a striped one?) is on the way. It only took me about four days to knit, from beginning to end. Gotta love knitting for babies!

I also finished Sophie's pants - just need to sew down the elastic, and then take a picture! And then get her to wear them. She LOVES being naked, and the weather we've been having hasn't encouraged much clothes-wearing, either. It's looking to be an awesome summer!

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